Sheila Nirenberg: A prosthetic eye to treat blindness

9 01 2012

At TEDMED, Sheila Nirenberg shows a bold way to create sight in people with certain kinds of blindness: by hooking into the optic nerve and sending signals from a camera direct to the brain.

[ted id=1309]

Sheila Nirenberg is a neuroscientist/professor at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, where she studies neural coding – that is, how the brain takes information from the outside world and encodes it in patterns of electrical activity. The idea is to be able to decode the activity, to look at a pattern of electrical pulses and know what an animal is seeing or thinking or feeling. Recently, she’s been using this work to develop new kinds of prosthetic devices, particularly ones for treating blindness. [en línea] New York (USA):, 9 de enero de 2012 [ref. diciembre de 2011] Disponible en Internet: