Fortalecer los músculos de la cadera puede reducir el dolor de rodilla

31 10 2011

A team of Canadian researchers published a study showing the corridors with pain in the knee to improve notably if they continue an intensive programme of strengthening of the hip. The researchers subjected to injured riders two simple hip strength exercises, and in three weeks, it was observed that riders had a 40% less pain, less variability of movement between step and step, and more strength to help them manage their movements safely. This study is great news for riders who suffer from chronic knee pain. The Canadian team has been shown to strengthen critical muscles of the hip to help riders to restore a more consistent and predictable pattern of movement and to reduce the pain in the knee.

Summary of strengthening hip exercises carried out by riders who participated in the study.

Puede consultarse en estudio completo en este enlace: [en línea] Calgary (Canada):, 31 October 2011[REF. marzo/abril de 2011] Available on Internet: