The crisis of the Catalan Health System

4 02 2013

Manel Balcells, MD

Director of the’ Knowledge area Health Consortium of terrace



The intense economic crisis we suffer in Europe, about anything, the countries of southern, has put in evidence, the fragile balance of a health system, It boasts a very competitive quality, but he has questioned its sustainability in an insistent.

Historically, He has talked of a differentiated model Catalan health, the result of the own tradition of having a concerted hospital network (XHUP), a high percentage of population with a mutual assurance, and a large presence of our professionals in the networks of excellence·excellence in biomedical research at the international level.

So very obvious that health spending by myself was inhabitant, the percentage of GDP devoted to health care, It was and is frankly less than the European average.


At the time of great current economic crisis where the cut in health care has gotten so much obvious, it becomes necessary to reframe a model that cannot endure more thinning is not with structural changes.

We make the crisis a chance.

The political crisis of the relationship with the State.

It's time to raise our national health system, and escape the inheritances, taking advantage of them but, What we want.

That is to say:

Perhaps the time has come to see as an "everything", health care, the Sanitaire, and the social.

Maybe, the time has come to understand the health system as a wealth generation, and structure in a system of national key knowledge transfer.

Perhaps the time has come to sort, the provision of services, with rationality and efficiency in each region.

Perhaps the time has come to clear out the terciarisme in the region of Barcelona.

Perhaps the time has come to open up the system towards a single public insurer, freedom of choice of the competition and generate.

Perhaps the time has come, to give way to the professionals in the field of clinical management.

Perhaps the time has come to add strategies in biomedical research related to the hospital sector.

Perhaps the time has come, then, to remake our model, desvinculant from Spain, and allow regular drug reference prices as well, the pharmaceutical policy, and our own portfolio of services.

The crisis of the system, required urgently, drawing, build, and develop our own model, foragitant the result of Franco that heritage pincers anachronistic managing the current Catalan Health Institute.

A public model, of quality, balanced and sustainable, copying the best of Nordic countries, with a holistic, far from hospital-centrisme, based on continuous innovation, and focused on the individual, It must be the duty of all the actors of the system over the next few months.

The health of all is at stake.



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