II Congress of the health blogosphere

20 06 2011

As we mentioned last week, DOCTOPOLIS was present in the II Congress of the health blogosphere held in Madrid the past 17 and 18 June.

During the Congress, we heard very interesting projects and proposals, In addition to different views about what should be the path that should be followed by the health sector to the new technologies (and not so new) the information and communication. All views, We are left with the impression that there is a will, at least among those who were present at the Congress, expand the boundaries of the Congress and of the “Health blogosphere” towards new horizons.

As well he said, the Congress seemed almost an exercise in complacency (even of onanism, someone said, Although using another word). And it is true that those who were in the Congress already are part of a group that uses the new technologies in the health sector, the next challenge is to ensure that those who refuse even know the benefits of the use of technology, begin to do so, and we hope that they do so with such devotion as we.


II Congress of the blogosphere health analyzes the use of social networks

The phenomenon of information and communication technologies has come to the health sector, and you have to stay. Proof of this is that over the last year have been created 250 new health blogs at Spain and they have been groups of medical professionals to push the health at the same time that hospitals have created their own social networks and have participated in existing ones. Despite advances experienced, “the use has not been extended to all parties, Although the beginning is hopeful”, points Juan del Llano, Director of the Gaspar Casal Foundation and a member of the Organizing Committee of the II Congress of the blogosphere Saniatria.

Diariomedico.com [en línea] Spain: diariomedico.com, 20 in June of 2011, [REF. 20 June of 2011] Available on Internet:




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