Nursing tv, a television in the service of the citizens

4 11 2010

From SATSE, It has been noted that Nursing tv today officially starts its broadcast via the Internet ( in order to give visibility to the work develop nursing professionals in the health care system and improving the health of the population.

In addition, It reiterates that it is the first professional television of health, and it will allocate a large block of its contents to spread tips, recommendations and health care to citizens, led by nurses. It's the society find out about everything that the nurse can do to improve your state of health.

Nursing tv thus becomes a window to promote the work of nurses in and out of Spain. Six channels and 24 hours of programming they put in the service of the nurse and the society, using the The information and communication technologies (ICT).

Today, e-health, World of work, Professional development, Video-Formacion and cooperation are the areas where users can find a television à la carte that adapts in contents and timetables to your needs. It also incorporates the web advances 2.0, encouraging the participation of the audience in the design of contents.

Nurse tv is strongly committed to generate and transmit a balanced set of programmes, in order to meet the needs of access to information that has the nursing. Through the quality-oriented work, It aims to get the confidence and credibility of the audience as a means of communication that seeks the benefit of professionals and citizens.


The project was made possible thanks to the Union of nursing, SATSE, and the Foundation for the development of the nursing, FUDEN, you guarantee from his profound knowledge of the profession the work that develops this TV.

With this new means of communication, aims to promote activity that are developing the nurses in health centres, the development of the profession and make increasingly close relationship between the nurse and the society. [en línea] Spain:, 3 de noviembre de 2010 [REF. of 4 November of 2010] Available on Internet:…



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